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2D structure of cannabidiol

Charlotte Figi is girl from Colorado who suffers from Dravet syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy and after whom the strain Charlotte's Web was named. Her story has led to her being described as "the girl who is changing medical cannabis laws across America". According to her parents, Charlotte was having 300 seizures a week, seizures so violent that her parents put a do not resuscitate order in her medical records. She would have seizures that lasted for several hours and had to be hospitalized regularly as a result. Before trying medical marijuana, the Figis had already tried "every other option" including Valium, Morphine and other destructive chemical drugs with little or no success. Created by The Stanley Brothers, Charlotte's Web is high in CBD (2D structure pictured) and, compared to other strains, low in THC leading Charlotte's mother Paige to say of the strain: "It's helped everything. She has over 99% seizure control. She doesn't use her feeding tube anymore. She doesn't have her autistic behavior anymore, and she doesn't have severe sleep disorders. She can walk – she's not in her wheelchair at all – and she's talking. She couldn't talk before, and now she's talking. It's been a totally life-changing event, totally life-changing medicine." Charlotte's story has been featured on CNN documentaries including Weed 2: Cannabis Madness and also on The Doctors TV show, among many other sources. (Full article...)

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Strain of the Week

Pennywise is an indica strain of cannabis created by crossing Jack the Ripper and Harlequin to produce a CBD rich variety. Its name was inspired by the evil clown character from the Stephen King novel It and there are only 4 phenotypes of the strain in the world. Buds have been known to vary in shape and range between thin and finger shaped to full and round, whilst on the taste side, the plant has hints of pepper and coffee with subtle bubblegum and lemon undertones. Due to its unusual THC to CBD ratio (1:1), Pennywise' therapeutic and relaxing effects have proven effective in treating ailments such as symptoms of cancer, neurological disorders, PTSD, epilepsy and arthritis and provide the user with an invigorating buzz of euphoria and mental clarity. Leafly said in their review of the strain "Pennywise flowers in 60 to 67 days and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor gardens", a sentiment shared by Wikileaf who went on to say "Pennywise also has a high resistance to mildew". (Full article...)

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