Black Haze

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Black Haze.jpg
Name: Black Haze
Creator: Breeders Choice
Variety: Hybrid
Lineage: Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, Purple Haze
THC: 22.8%[1]
Flowering Time: 11–14 Weeks

Black Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis known for its dark purple, almost black color and is a cross of Colombian Black, Colombian Gold and Purple Haze. Described by Leafly as having an earthy and woody flavor, with "sweet hints of berries and cherries", this strain is well suited to users wanting to stay active while also elevating mood and contributing to a relaxed state.[2]

While not officially a certified medical cannabis strain, its THC levels are around 22% and as such has proven effective in tests for ailments such as pain relief, depression, anxiety as well as stress and produces a variety of side effects such as couch lock and dry mouth.[1] Strain Find said the strain produced the following effects: relaxed, talkative, uplifted, euphoric and tasted earthy, sweet and like ammonia.[3]

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