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Blackberry medical cannabis.jpg
Name: Blackberry
Creator: Nirvana Seeds
Variety: Hybrid
Lineage: Black Domino x Raspberry Cough
Flowering Time: 9–11 Weeks

Blackberry is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by the Dutch company Nirvana Seeds in 2009. A cross between Black Domino and Raspberry Cough, Blackberry is a popular strain known for its balance of an active sativa buzz and the high yields of plants due to its indica side. While this strain is best suited to the consistent conditions of an indoor grow, be warned, nearing maturity this plant gives off a pungent but pleasant odor.[1]


Black Domino's mother originated in Washington's Seattle area, then as a clone made the long and arduous trip to Amsterdam. In this hybridized strain, Blackberry is an amalgamation of Raspberry Cough, an indica-sativa hybrid of Nirvana's Ice strain, and an old-school landrace strain hailing from Indochina.[2]

Growth info

Like many indoor favouring strains, Blackberry thrives in a stable environment where temperature, nutrients, and atmospheric changes are consistent and yield will vary depending on the cultivators skill set, and ability to maintain preferable growing conditions. While it may produce some of the most impressive buds this is not a suggested strain for first time growers due to its finicky requirements. However if you manage to pull it off, the heads produced by the Blackberry strain are incredibly tight, creating elongated pointy buds with a tight leaf structure, frosty trichomes and a notable absence of pistils. While most strains omit a pungent odor when entering the end of the flowering phase, Blackberry is famous for being one of the most potent and grows often require carbon-based air scrubbers. At harvest, the Blackberry bush will have nearly doubled in her overall size, producing an average yield of just under a half a kilogram.[2]

Effects and Flavour

According to, "the Blackberry high is buoyant and creative, kicking into high gear fast with a pleasantly soothing endurance. An inspirational smoke well-suited to creative endeavors, cultivating a more casual laid-back sense of self – minus any anxiety that might arise from being overly stoned in social situations". They go on to describe the plants terpenes and flavonoids as heady and fuel like, but dominantly fruity with hints of spicy Cambodian flavours lingering on the tongue.[2]


In his April 2013 review for Medical Jane, Matthew Price wrote: "Although Black Berry hits heavy with thick expansive smoke, the high is very clear-headed and peaceful. Feelings of calmness, an increased well-being, and a slowed sense of time all became noticeable effects generated from the Blackberry strain. For those who worry or stress out about their schedule will love the relaxing vibe the Blackberry strain provides patients just minutes after the first inhale".[3]


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