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A cannabis blunt

Blunt is a slang term for cannabis rolled with the tobacco-leaf "wrapper" from an inexpensive cigar also called a blunt. Blunts take their name from Phillies Blunt brand cigars, although any commonly available cigar or cigarillo can be used. Another common term for a blunt is an "El-P" or "L", [1] a reference to the El Producto brand. Another commonly used nickname is "Dutches" when referring to Dutch Masters.

In the tobacco industry, a blunt is defined as a cigar which is wider than a cigarillo and not quite as wide as a Corona. A cigarillo that has been split and re-rolled with marijuana is called a blunt in cannabis culture.

Due to the tobacco content in the wrapper leaf, blunts carry with them the risks of tobacco use, including addiction and cancer.[2]


"How To Roll A Blunt" by Weedmaps TV (September 9, 2010) at YouTube:

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