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Location of Cameroon within Africa

Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon, is a country in the west Central Africa region. It is bordered by Nigeria to the west, Chad to the northeast, the Central African Republic to the east, and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south. Cameroon's coastline lies on the Bight of Bonny, part of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.


While still illegal, cannabis used for medicinal purposes is tolerated. The Republic of Cameroon is a relatively stable and successful Central African nation, with good roads and infrastructure. However, a substantial proportion of its rural population depends on subsistence agriculture. As a result, cannabis appeals greatly to poor farmers as it commands a high price and can be transported with ease.

On an international level, the United States provides financial aid to Cameroon for the purposes of combating drug trafficking, but annual payments may be withheld—between 1992 and 1994, aid was suspended after Cameroon failed to meet international standards on human rights and democratisation and authorities failed to disclose drug data.

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