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Chris Christie in 2011

Chris Christie born September 6, 1962) is the 55th Governor of New Jersey and a leading member of the Republican Party.

  • He has said: "I don't favor legalization. I don't favor recreational use. I don't favor decriminalization. And I don't favor the use of marijuana as a medicine."[1]
  • In 2015, Christie said: "This should not be permitted in our society, it sends the wrong message. Every bit of objective data tells us that it’s a gateway drug to other drugs. And it is not an excuse in our society to say that alcohol is legal so why not make marijuana legal. … Well … why not make heroin legal? Why not make cocaine legal? You know, their argument is a slippery slope... To me, that’s blood money. I’m not going to put the lives of children and citizens at risk to put a little more money into the state coffers, at least not on my watch."[2]
  • Soon after, he said on The Hugh Hewitt Show that if he were elected president then he would "crack down" on the states that have legalized marijuana, saying: "States should not be permitted to sell it and profit" from legalizing marijuana."[3]

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