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Death Star, or Deathstar, is a hybrid strain of cannabis.

Review by The Cannabist

Jake Browne of The Cannabist said of the strain: "The genetics in play are Sour Diesel, an old favorite that’s anything but the kind of sedative I’m looking for, and Sensi Star, an indica that can be surprisingly energetic as well. In other words, indica doesn’t always mean indica, and I don’t always have to smoke something Star Wars themed … It actually looks fine, with the density you’d expect from a Sensi cross and tons of the amber trichomes that tell me they did a great job on the cure. I always look for a good contrast in Death Star; mostly lighter green nugs that are marked by a much darker leaf and almost burnt orange hairs. Once again they’ve nailed it, even if the trim job leaves a little to be desired. If this were a hair cut, they’d styled a U.S. Marine — high and tight — with a small amount of damage to the resin glands they’d so deftly matured."[1][2] He continued, "I’m not sure who this strain is aimed at. It’s highly euphoric but extremely grounded at the same time. I immediately found my legs tethered to the ground with my head meandering in the sky. All of my body aches were gone in minutes, but even if I had felt them, I’d have been too distracted to care. My best approximation is that this is TV weed, where for a few hours you can zone out to a show you’ve meant to catch up on when you had time to Hulu it. With all of the Diesel, though, this is not an appropriate indica for sleep."[1]


In 2014, High Times included the strain Deathstar by Greenwerkz Edgewater, which was entered into the 2013 Denver Cannabis Cup, in its list of the "40 Strongest Strains of All Time" for having 23.31% THC.[3]


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