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Double Down Kush is a marijuana strain named in honor of Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The name comes from his March 2014 CNN article in which he said he was "doubling down" on his support for medical cannabis.[1] The strain was announced in 2014 by the Helping Hands Herbals dispensary in Boulder, Colorado.[1] It is derived from the 2013 strain Gupta Kush, which was created after the airing of Gupta's documentary called Weed.[1]

Jeff Kless, owner of Helping Hands Herbals, said of the strain: "Our patients love Gupta -- especially those with cancer, MS, PTSD and anxiety -- and we’ve been ‘doubling down' on Gupta Kush by polishing the genetics for a stronger pain-relief and anti-anxiety profile. The result is Double Down -- a cannabis healthcare alternative. It’s fantastic. It’s like Gupta on steroids."[2]


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