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Exodus Cheese.jpg
Name: Exodus Cheese
Creator: Greenhouse Seeds
Variety: Hybrid
Lineage: U.K. Cheese x Skunk
THC: 18.43%
Flowering Time: 56 Days

Exodus Cheese is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by crossing Skunk and U.K. Cheese that, while sativa-dominant, provides a strong indica body type couch lock. Started as a clone-only strain, breeder Greenhouse Seeds later made seeds available and the plant has become synonymous with medical cannabis. Typical ailments that consumers have found the strain effective in treating include insomnia, pain relief, stress, anorexia, inflammation and injuries. The website StrainBrain.com said of its medicinal properties, "Please note that although Exodus Cheese has provided relief for the aforementioned conditions, that does not mean the list of treatments effectively relieved is limited to the above listed."

Taste and Effect

As part of the Cheese family, Exodus Cheese's flavour remains true to the name with a sharp, dank-like cheddar flavour and earthy, mossy, natural pine undertones. The strains strong indica effects are what make it a popular medicinal choice, especially for conditions like stress, anxiety and insomnia. Users can expect a goods nights rest alleviating most discomforts.[1]

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