Green Crack

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Green Crack

Green Crack is a strain of cannabis. It descended from Skunk Number 1.[1]

  • In 2013, High Times included Green Crack on its list of the top "15 Super-Potent Pot Strains with Awesome Names."[2] The magazine's Mary Jane Gibson wrote: "A cerebral sativa-dominant strain, Green Crack rankled folks in the marijuana community with its naming nod to the cocaine derivative. Green Crack is NOT addictive, and it definitely won’t kill you. You may smoke it and then laugh until you feel like you’re going to die, though."[2]
  • In 2014, Jake Browne of The Cannabist wrote: "Everyone loves a good weed story, even if they tend to be really, really long. So when Snoop Dogg smoked some herb so intense he dubbed it “Green Crack,” it became a legend overnight. Being zoned out for a few days as some recent dental-health issues started to affect my mental health, I thought an energy boost might be in order for the NoCo Hemp Expo. Meeting and greeting drains me as an introvert, but Green Crack was over-the-top in terms of what I needed. It’s the go-to strain if you want to make fun of the silliness inherent in the naming conventions we use. Clearly, it’s not good to name anything after crack cocaine. At the end of the day, I could care less what they call it, as I don’t think “Cush” — the original monicker — is that much better. Names are important, however: calling it Marijuana #2943 tells me nothing about the lineage or expected effects. At least when the word crack is involved, I can guess it should be energetic."[3]

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An ounce of Green Crack bought from a dispensary in California, United States


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