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Location of Iowa within the United States

Medical Marijuana

In September 2014, lawmakers met to discuss the implementation of legal cannabis oil to treat epilepsy. The Cannabidiol Implementation Study Committee included Sen. Joe Bolkcom, Rep. Walt Rogers, Sen. Michael Breitbach, Rep. Clel Baudler, Sen. William Dotzler Jr., Rep. John Forbes, Sen. Charles Schneider, Rep. Bob Kressig, Sen. Steven Sodders and Rep. Linda Miller. Also present were epilepsy experts, lawyers, medical cannabidiol (CBD) advocates, state health officials and a neurologist.[1]

The Committee voted to reschedule marijuana. According to The Joint Blog, "Iowa’s bipartisan, bicameral Cannabidiol Implementation Study Committee has voted in support of legalizing the distribution and private cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes. The committee also voted to recommend that the federal government and the Iowa Board of Pharmacy reschedule cannabis away from its current scheduling (schedule 1) which declares it as dangerous as heroin and other hard drugs. The committee of five Republicans and five Democrats was established in response to a law which took effect in Iowa on July 1st; the law legalized the possession and use of cannabidiol for those with seizure disorders, though the law established no means for a patient to obtain the medicine legally."[2][3]


Idaho is home to one state chapter and one college chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML):[4]


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