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JB OG Kush-2.jpg
Name: JB OG Kush
Creator: Dank Depot
Variety: Indica
THC: 17.5%
CBD: 0.25%

JB OG Kush, or JB Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by Dank Depot and named after Justin Bieber. This Canadian strain has been THC tested to approximately 17.5% and CBD levels are around 0.25%. It is sold on the streets of Toronto with a message that reads: "To help you get through those tough times with your loved one, and make you closer.”

According to The Highest Class: "Bieber has not commented about the drug in public, according to Popcrunch.com he is said to be angry and has asked his team to consider legal action for 'unlawful use of his name'." Given that the plant is still illegal in Canada, it's highly unlikely that they will bring civil action against those selling JB OG Kush. The 420 Times said, "In all likelihood it’s an established strain with a new name slapped on it to capitalize on the person's fame – as we've seen with several other celebrities."[1][2]

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