Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Blue Mountain Jamaican.jpg
Name: Jamaica Blue Mountain
Creator: Cannabiogen
Variety: Sativa
Flowering Time: 14 Weeks

Jamaica Blue Mountain is a sativa strain of cannabis from Cannabiogen. A limited edition pure Jamaican sativa with an "exotic" effect and flavour, this strain is known for getting big and an outdoor grow is often recommended due to its prolific size. Jamaica Blue Mountain is well suited to novice growers due to its minimal requirements and flowering time is around 14 weeks with harvests well known for their abundance. The Original Sensible Seed Company said of the strain: "This is one lady that likes to stretch out. And when you give her the room, she will reward you with harvests that are bigger and better than anything you thought possible".

The cerebral effects from Jamaican Blue Mountain are relaxing, positive, uplifting and euphoric and could induce creativity. Medicinally, this strain has been known to assist with stress, anxiety and migraines.[1]

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