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Julie Weed began covering the marijuana industry for Forbes in March 2015.[1]

Within her first post in this role, Weed wrote: "Over the next weeks and months I will be exploring the world of the 'Potrepreneur,' the 'Canna-businessperson,' (for some reason the puns and wordplay are endless in this industry.) What services and products are they creating? Who are they hiring? What challenges and opportunities are they facing and how are their businesses different than other businesses? The legal marijuana industry is attracting executives with MBAs, technologists, stay-at-home parents and college students. Stoners are emerging from their basements, because it turns out they now have the expertise everybody is looking for... You’ll hear from underage college entrepreneurs running a pot delivery service, a farmer watching prices rise and fall, and other case studies, many of which, like this industry, are in their infancy. Read along and watch to see which of these businesses will blossom."[1]


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