Kaia Kush

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Kaia Kush is a strain of cannabis.

In his review for High Times, Danny Danko wrote: "Apothecary breeder Bret, who created the Kaia Kush, named this strain after his daughter and promptly snagged an elusive High Times Cannabis Cup with it in 2007. Earthy and spicy – and very reminiscent of the Chemdog line of genes – this sativa-dominant hybrid has all the lemony-fuel taste and tartness of its predecessors, but with a relatively short flowering time for a strain of such note. The Kaia Kush is a heavy yielder, packing on weight late into flowering. The abundant and pungent odor can be overpowering, so be sure to use charcoal filtration and whatever else you can find to control the rampant smells. This is the type of weed that can narc you out if you’re not careful, so apartment growers especially should take heed. Judging from the reception for this one at many medical dispensaries in California, I’m expecting big things from Apothecary in the future."[1]


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