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Kushage is a strain of cannabis.

In his review for High Times, Danny Danko wrote: "Another sensimilla stalwart from the T.H.Seeds collection, the Kushage has an epic high – one that hits almost instantly and has both staying power and that familiar Kush headiness. Even beginners will find her easy to grow and work with, resisting many of the common pests and pitfalls that plague first-time farmers. Kushage plants will stretch a bit but fill out nicely, with spicy, piney branches topped with lime-green colas surrounded by dark, waxy leaves."[1]

T.H.Seeds has said of the strain: “The sandalwood flavor of our S.A.G.E. and the crystal-clear high add an extra boost to the almost addictive buzz of the OG Kush, making this a great plant for the Kush-crazy West Coast of the USA and the Haze lovers of Holland … truly the best of both worlds!”[1]


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