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Lady Gaga in 2011

Stefani Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Gaga is noted for her flamboyant and diverse contributions to the music industry via her fashion, live performances, and music videos. She is one of the best-selling musicians of all time.


Gaga has admitted to being "a little bit part of the green club".[1][2]

  • In 2011, Gaga told Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes: "I smoke a lot of pot when I write music. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it for '60 Minutes.' I drink a lot of whiskey and I smoke weed when I write. I don't do it a lot because it's not good for my voice."[3]
  • In September 2012, Gaga smoked marijuana live on stage during her performance in Amsterdam. She described the drug as "wondrous", said it helps her approach music from a "spiritual" perspective, and told audience members that she preferred smoking marijuana to drinking alcohol.[1] She also said pot leaf symbols are the "new peace sign" and joked that she would speak with President Barack Obama about making marijuana legal throughout the world.[4]
  • In October 2012, Gaga wore a cannabis-themed Halloween costume. On November 1, she tweeted: "I was weed for Halloween. Best costume ever! It's so fun. Princess High the Cannabis Queen."[5][6]


Gaga performing in 2014
  • In November 2013, Gaga admitted to smoking 15 to 20 joints a day following hip surgery and became addicted to marijuana. She said, "I was living on a totally other psychedelic plane, numbing myself completely, and looking back I do see now that some of it had to do with my hip pain. I didn't know where the pain was coming from so I was just in a lot of pain and very depressed all the time and not really sure why... I have been addicted to it and it's ultimately related to anxiety coping and it's a form of self-medication... I do put that pressure on myself; I have to be high to be creative. I need that, that's an error in my life that happened for over 10 years. Can I be brilliant without it? I know that I can be and I have to be because I want to live, and I want my fans to want to live."[7]
    • Gaga's admission prompted High Times to write, "Addicted? Give us a break, Gaga just described what thousands of medical marijuana patients go through EVERY SINGLE DAY. Would it have been better if she was dosed up on doctor-prescribed opioids? Are all those medcan patients addicted as well? Or do they just need their medicine like any other patient?... What Gaga needs to understand is that with the fame she has so carefully cultivated comes responsibility. Medical Marijuana is a necessity for many, Gaga, so try not to be so flip when speaking about it."[7]
    • Similarly, Amanda Reiman of the Drug Policy Alliance wrote: "Of course, she also mentions that this was after a hip injury and during a time of anxiety related to said injury, so it’s entirely possible that her frequent marijuana use during this time was of the medical nature, and some might say its use prevented issues with having to take prescription drugs for the pain and anxiety."[8]


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