Lamb's Breath

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Lambs Bread.jpg
Name: Lamb's Breath
Creator: Buds and Roses
Variety: Sativa
THC: 14%

Lamb's Breath, sometimes called Lamb's Bread, is a bright green, sticky sativa strain of cannabis originally from Jamaica and harvested using Kyle Kushman's unique Vegamatrix cultivation method. Mass amounts of energy and positive introspection are some of the effects that are known about this strain and it has also been known to ease depression. The effects tend to be instant, plentiful, highly euphoric, and are typically considered to be very exciting. No body fatigue or heavy feeling associated with this phenotype. According to Leafly, even Bob Marley was said to have partaken of the variety.[1][2]

In 2014, the Medicinal Marijuana Association included Lamb's Breath in its list of "5 Medical Cannabis Strains That Are Good for Starters", saying: "Tasting like lemon with a spicy smell, Lamb's Breath is about as mellow as medical cannabis strains can get while still offering useful pain relief effects. It is effective for relieving migraines, headaches and stomach pain. It does not stimulate appetite the way sativas typically do. As a pure sativa, it ironically does not generate much of an energetic feel and does not do much for mood enhancement, but it still works for resolving minor discomfort issues. The bud has a dark green and dense appearance. The moderate high lasts up to one and a half hours."[3]

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