Malawian Gold

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Location of Malawi within Africa

Malawian Gold is a pure sativa strain of cannabis originating in Malawi, locally known as Chamba.[1] It is internationally renowned as one of the finest sativas from Africa.[2] According to a World Bank report, it is often referred to as "the best and finest" Chamba in the world.[3] Malawian Gold is also known as one of the most potent psychoactive pure African sativas.

For many marijuana smokers, Malawi Gold has reached almost a cult status. There are websites and blogs which have been dedicated to the praise of chamba. In many cases, it has become the 'Cuban Cigar' of weed. Legends and myths have developed surrounding the potency of the drug, as an example, there is a popular story about visitors that came to Malawi, tried Chamba, and lost the will to return to their country of origin. [4]


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