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Marco Rubio in 2011

Marco Rubio is the Republican Senator from Florida. He believes there is "no responsible way to recreationally use" and that the legalization of cannabis would be "bad for the country".[1] When asked if he had ever smoked marijuana, Rubio responded: "Here's the problem with that question in American politics: If you say that you did and suddenly there are people out there saying 'Well, it's not a big deal. Look at all these successful people who did it'. I don't want my kids to smoke marijuana. And I don't want other people's kids to smoke marijuana. I don't believe there's a responsible way to recreationally use marijuana... On the other side of it, if you tell people you didn't they won't believe you. ... The bottom line is, I don't think people should smoke marijuana... Marijuana is illegal under federal law. That should be enforced. I believe that adding yet another mind-altering substance to something that's legal is not good for the country... You hear compelling stories of people who say the use of medical marijuana provides relief for the thing they are suffering. So I'd like to learn more about that aspect of it, the science of it".[1]


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