Matanuska Thunder Fuck

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Matanuska Thunder Fuck

Matanuska Thunder Fuck, also known as Matanuska Tundra and sometimes abbreviated as M.T.F., is a hybrid cannabis strain originating from the Matanuska Valley in the U.S. state of Alaska. Best grown indoors, but capable of growing well in outdoor dry climates, the flowers on these plants become covered in white frost-coloured hairs and tend to have very large leaves.

Leafly said of the strain: "[It] smells like hot chocolate with fruit, the latter of which can dominate the taste. Matanuska’s effects tend to come on slowly and then give a strong body buzz. It also goes by the less colorful name Matanuska Tundra, especially outside of the United States".[1]

In her review of the strain for Willamette Week, an alternative weekly newspaper published in Portland, Oregon, Mary Romano wrote: "Remember the first time you tried Alaska Thunder Fuck? The fastest-acting sativa you'd ever smoked, with a sweet, savory taste as memorable as its name—if only there was more of a body high."[2] She was not complimentary about its appearance or flavor, but appreciated the strain's effects, writing: "Visually, it's nothing to write home about: the glittering hairs and pine-forest smell are subtle, with an equally forgettable flavor. Don't be fooled by the aesthetic humility: M.T.F. is a foolproof headache remedy, from migraines to post-Snow Day hangovers. Expect an immediate, focused head high accompanied by physical relaxation à la indica."[2] However, she also noted a downside to its effects: "It turns your brain on and if there's no stimulation, your energy is funneled into acute reflection". Romano had difficult sleeping under its influence, but said the strain is good for those "who want an indica-high with sativa-functionality, and an ideal crossover for indica-lovers who'd like to try a saliva."[2]


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