Orange Crush

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Orange Crush.jpg
Name: Orange Crush
Creator: BC Growers Association
Variety: Hybrid
Lineage: California Orange x Blueberry
THC: 15%
Flowering Time: 7–9 Weeks

Orange Crush is a sativa-dominant strain of cannabis bred by BC Growers Association by crossing California Orange and Blueberry.


Orange Crush has small, dense buds with many trichomes and orange pistils,[1] and has a "super sweet tangy flavor and aroma".[2] According to Wikileaf, the strain is 80% sativa and 20% indica and is known for its "dank earthy scent and citrus flavor".[3] Flowering time is around 7–9 weeks (or 55 days)[3] with plants reaching an average height of 1.5 meters and a THC content of up to 15%.[2] This strain grows well under low light (not below 25 to 30 watts) and is recommended for beginner growers due to its short flowering time and generous yields.[1][3]


The strain produces a strong cerebral sensation and a "positive, uplifting energy that spurs creativity" that can last up to two hours.[2][3] The orange-like taste of this strain may result in dry mouth and eyes for novice users. Wikileaf says, "Some who use this strain may also feel light-headed and report feeling 'the spins' – an unwanted effect that leaves the user feeling as if the room is spinning. The usual feeling of paranoia that exists with many Sativa strains may also occur when using higher doses... Though some find the strain makes them feel more anxious, many more instead find relief from chronic stress, anxiety and nervousness typically brought on by depression-related disorders or PTSD. Orange Crush's ability to increase the production of dopamine, the chemical that causes one to feel happy, is used to help fight off the effects of chronic depression... The strain is also used to quite literally take people's minds off of their chronic pain. Those who suffer from nausea and migraines also choose this to help manage their level of discomfort."[3]

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