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Peter Tosh in 1978

Peter Tosh, (born Winston Hubert McIntosh; 19 October[1] 1944 – 11 September 1987) was a Jamaican reggae musician. Along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, he was one of the core members of the band The Wailers (1963–1974). After which he established himself as a successful solo artist and a promoter of Rastafarism. He was murdered in 1987 during a home invasion.

Tosh released his solo debut album, Legalize It, in 1976. The title track soon became popular among endorsers of marijuana legalization, reggae music lovers and Rastafarians all over the world, and was a favourite at Tosh's concerts.

During Marley's free "One Love Peace Concert" of 1978, Tosh lit a marijuana joint and lectured about legalizing cannabis, lambasting attending dignitaries Michael Manley and Edward Seaga for their failure to enact such legislation in Jamaica.

Tosh became a devotee of Rastafari along with Marley and Wailer during the late 1960s.[2]

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