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Calyx and pistols
Note the immature white pistils protruding upwards

Pistils are the thin hair-like strands extending from each oval, upward pointing flower on the female cannabis plant. Developing from the calyxes, these hair like protrusions catch the pollen released from nearby male plants to fertilize the ovum inside the calyx, creating a seed. In the absence of male pollen the calyxes grow dense without as no seeds are developed, resulting in sinsemilla cannabis. Near the end of the flowering phase, pistils change color, entering the window of peak maturity. The ratio of white pistils to red pistils determines the type of effects the plants are likely to produce: a cerebral high or couch lock. In the final few weeks of the flowering phase, the pistils change from bright white to a rusty orange or brown, signifying the end of the plants life cycle.[1] [2]


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