Purple Power

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Name: Purple Power
Creator: Nirvana Seeds
Variety: Sativa
Lineage: Purple Haze x Early Skunk
Flowering Time: 56–63 Days

Purple Power, also known as New Purple Power,[1] is a sativa strain of cannabis bred by Nirvana Seeds.[2]


In the late 1980s, purple strains were popular but would not grow as well in the colder northern European climates. Purple Power was developed by crossing Purple Haze and Early Skunk so as to allow the desirable qualities of purple strains to be cultivated successfully in such cold and wet climates.[2]

Description and Cultivation

Purple Power grows best outdoors, especially with lots of sun and warmth, but is able to survive in less reliable weather. It has a classic sativa appearance, with long purple stems and many thin leaves. Plants have numerous bud sites. Buds are also purple in color and can be especially dark in grown in colder climates. Plants can reach over six feet tall when grown in ideal climates or in greenhouses, otherwise they average five feet tall. The strain has a flowering time of 56–63 days and is best harvested in mid-September.[2]

According to Kind Green Buds, the strain has a "mild but distinct sweet and sour smell, like a sour candy", with a tropical taste that is sweeter than it smells. The site says, "Purple Power smokes mild and has little expansion. The buzz is clear and upbeat. Many heads like to toke Purple Power during the day, since the high leaves them happily buzzed, but still awake and functional."[2] Strain Brain says Purple Power produces "average to strong" yields, a "delicious and acidic" aroma, and its effects "cause the patient to feel optimistic, outgoing and productive".[1]


Purple Power was the winner at the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup.[2]

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