Purple Urkel

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Purple Urkel

Purple Urkel (also spelled Purple Urkle) is a strain of cannabis which shares its name with Steve Urkel, the fictional character from the American television series Family Matters.


Leafly has said of the strain: "Purple Urkle Has a complex flavor blend of skunk, berries, and grapes. A heavy indica that is often too strong for some people. Recommended for night time use, Urkle is long lasting and works great for insomnia sufferers."[1]


Purple Urkel

In 2013, High Times included Purple Urkel on its list of the top "15 Super-Potent Pot Strains with Awesome Names."[2] The magazine's Mary Jane Gibson wrote: "Steve Urkel, the geeky neighbor on Family Matters, was known for several catchphrases, including his 'Did I do that?' Since Purple Urkel is said to be good for treating insomnia, that sounds like an excellent thing."[2]

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