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Skunk -1.jpg
Name: Skunk #1
Creator: Sensi Seeds (1985)
Variety: Hybrid
Flowering Time: 60–65 Days[1]

Skunk Number 1, often stylized as Skunk #1 or simply referred to as Skunk, is a indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by Sensi Seeds (then known as The Seed Bank) in 1985.

Description and History

The indica-dominant strain Skunk was created in 1985 by Sensi Seeds, then known as The Seed Bank, via selective breeding over several generations using Central and South American, Afghani and Thai varieties.[2] Medical Jane lists its lineage as Colombian (sativa), Mexican (sativa), and Afghani (indica).[3] According to The Weed Blog, the strain is approximately 65% indica and 35% sativa.[1]

According to Leafly, the strain has "influenced cannabis on a global scale, parenting a horde of Skunk crosses since it first bloomed".[2] Sativa-dominant versions were later created by Dutch Passion, Nirvana Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds. Skunk is often categorized as a sativa due to its "soaring cerebral euphoria and sativa-like growth structure".[2] Leafly says its "buds radiate with an aromatic blend of sour skunkiness and subtle earthy notes" and recommends the strain for combating appetite loss and stress. Effects of Skunk include enhanced creativity and a "high-energy buzz".[2] Medical Jane described Skunk as "great for prolonged, all-day medicating sessions that require significant pain medicine without feeling bogged down by a bunch of heavy feelings". The site recommends the strain for alleviating anxiety, depression, chronic inflammation, migraines, pain, and stress.[3]

Cultivation and Descendants

Dried Dutch Skunk buds on a precision scale

Skunk is considered easy to cultivate, making it a popular strain among growers. Its high calyx-to-leaf ratio acts as a "natural blocker" for mold and makes the manicure process easier. Many popular strains descended from Skunk, including Green Crack, Grape Ape, Jack Herer, and U.K. Cheese.[3]

Skunk #1 Automatic

A variety called Skunk #1 Automatic flowers automatically, regardless of photoperiod and often less than a month after seedlings first sprout. Its blooming phase lasts around 45 to 55 days, and flowering plants will not re-enter a vegetative phase. According to The Weed Blog, "Skunk #1 Automatic performs superbly under lights and, in spring and summer, can also flourish outdoors at most locations below about 45°N. In shorter or cooler summers, the germination of auto-flowering seeds can be timed so that their blooming phase is in sync with the sunniest days of June or July, rather than the cooler days of September, which allows them to reach their full potential." Buds are dense, large, and resinous.[1]


Medical Jane called Skunk "a near perfect blend of effects split equally between body and mind".[3] In 2012, Dinafem Seeds included Skunk in their list of "10 Cannabis strains every grower should try at least once". Dinafem said of the strain, "Skunk is one of the most famous and mythical marijuana strains out there. Skunk is simply the benchmark of uniform, reliable performance and her steady genotype has influenced more than a hundred modern hybrids from many different cannabis seed banks."[4]

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