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The New York Times is an American daily newspaper, founded and published in New York City since 1851.


In 2011, The New York Times endorsed medical marijuana for New York, publishing:

"There is no good reason to deprive patients with cancer or H.I.V. or Lou Gehrig’s disease of the relief from pain or extreme nausea that could come from using marijuana. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who once opposed his state’s medical marijuana law, has changed his mind, deciding earlier this month to allow six alternative treatment centers to begin dispensing the drug to those in need, possibly by early next year. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York needs to change his mind as well. Governor Cuomo said during his 2010 campaign that he opposed legalization of medical marijuana. Recently, he said he was still opposed but that he was “reviewing” the issue and “we’re always learning and listening, talking and growing. We hope.” It shouldn’t take much more personal growth to make the right call. Governor Cuomo should ask Governor Christie about how he resolved his own doubts. Mr. Christie could explain how his law is the nation’s most restrictive and how the federal Justice Department has indicated that its agents will rightly direct their energies in New Jersey to go after big-time marijuana traffickers, not doctors or alternative centers helping the desperately ill. Under New Jersey’s law, doctors can recommend that a patient suffering from a specific disease or condition use marijuana of limited strength. Patients cannot grow their own, and they can only purchase 2 ounces every 30 days. Physicians must register to recommend the marijuana use, and patients and caregivers must undergo background checks to get ID cards. Mr. Cuomo should champion a similar and humane system and ensure that New York’s residents coping with illness have the same chance at relief."[1]

In July 2014, its Editorial Board published an article calling for the legalization of marijuana.[2][3][4] In October, the Editorial Board again recommended legalization for Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C., saying the jurisdictions "already allow medical marijuana, [so] taking the next step makes good sense."[5]



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