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Toke of the Town banner from 2009
Source: Westword, Village Voice Media (2009)[1]

Toke of the Town, established in 2009,[1] was a website dedicated to "cannabis news, views, rumor and humor". It was run by Village Voice Media.

In December 2014, the website's editor William Breathes confirmed it would shut down at the end of the month. Breathes wrote on his Facebook page, "Due to circumstances *well beyond* my control (because if I could control them this wouldn’t be happening), will no longer be operational as of tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who read and supported me as the editor for the last few years — I’ve had a blast and hope to do more with national news in the future."[2]

He also told The Cannabist, "I’m just happy for the opportunity that Voice Media gave me, and I’m glad to have steered it for two great years,” Toke of the Town editor William Breathes told The Cannabist on Dec. 30. “Some things are out of our control as writers though, and this is just one of them... It's a business decision out of my control, nothing to do with content. That’s all I can really say.”[2]


Toke of the Town's Facebook profile picture, 2014

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