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Trainwreck, sometimes Train Wreck or TrainWreck,[1][2] is a strain of cannabis.

Description and Effects


Trainwreck is a "mind-bending" sativa-dominant hybrid with strong sativa effects that "hit like a freight train".[3] Mexican and Thai sativas were bred with Afghani indicas to produce this Northern California "staple", resulting in a "sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma".[3] Its scent has also been described as "ground pepper with a dash of sweetness".[2] It appears sprinkled with crystals, with many orange-colored hairs.[4] Despite being sativa-dominant, Trainwreck appears and has a grow pattern more in line with indica strains.[2] Flowers complete in early October outdoors; indoor plants are ready for harvest eight weeks into flowering.[3]

The strain's effects have been described as beginning with a "speedy hurtle through the mind with a surge of euphoria, awakening creativity and happiness",[3] and a "significant rush of adrenaline to the mind coupled with a nice body buzz".[2] According to Medical Jane, Trainwreck "provides an intense head-high as well as a heavy couch-lock with just a few hits."[2] It is recommended for arthritis, headaches/migraines, muscle stiffness, or pain due to its high THC content, or to relieve [Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder|ADD/ADHD]], anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, or stress.[2][3]


In 2013, High Times included Trainwreck on its list of the top "15 Super-Potent Pot Strains with Awesome Names."[5] The magazine's Mary Jane Gibson wrote: "Like a high-speed freight train that hits you when you were looking the other way, Trainwreck can be a major blast of potency… but in this case, 'All aboard!' Try riding this train to the end of the line for an unexpected adventure."[5] Medical Jane called the strain a "patient favorite... memorable and delicious".[2]


"The Clinic: Trainwreck" by Weedmaps TV (August 13, 2010) at YouTube:


Afwreck is a cross between Afghani and Trainwreck.

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