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United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs (UKCSC) is a non-governmental organization established in the United Kingdom in 2011. According to its website, the organization was founded by residents who were "affected by and/or concerned by the current national and international war on people who use certain drugs, particularly cannabis."[1]

Mission Statement

  • To facilitate the growth of a local and national cannabis community that can help spread the truth about cannabis as well as direct support to others in need that have suffered from unjust and damaging laws that criminalise for possession, supply and cultivation.
  • To keep track of local and national cannabis stories in the media and generate a dialogue between cannabis consumer groups and the appropriate press. We will produce original content to keep the community and clubs up to date with change to policy, newly published scientific studies and events or protests taking place around the country. We aim to make the news – not just follow it.
  • To hold local and national meetings to reach out to members and other cannabis consumers and the areas of communities that are being unfairly treated and educating about the dangers of enforcing prohibition.
  • To destigmatise cannabis consumption. We believe that consumers should not be criminalised or treated differently than any other member of society or culture or those that use another social or medical drug.
  • To remove the criminal black market and divert funds away from organised crime by replacing it with a community based and/or regulated outlets with age restrictions imposed so that those most vulnerable are protected.
  • To convert jobs that criminalise cannabis gardeners into legal jobs that the Government can tax.

UKCSC supports the right to domestic cultivation for personal and medicinal use without the threat of law enforcement and also encourages community gardens where members would be able to grow as a collective.[2]

"Official UKCSC List"

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Source: United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs[3]

Board Members

  • President – Greg de Hoedt
  • Secretary – Alan Tommo
  • Treasurer – Jimbob Marley
  • Public Relations & Communications – Al Mundo Man
  • Political & Government Liaison – Stuart Harper
  • Web Admin – Benjamin Oliver Clarke
  • Social Media - Brad Connell
  • Admin Moderator – Jack Lemon
  • London Regional Admin – Orson Boon
  • South East Regional Admin – Clark French
  • South West Regional Admin – Deej Sullivan
  • East Regional Admin – Bobby Dread
  • East Mids Regional Admin – Milly Sativa
  • West Mids Regional Admin – Iam Rion
  • North East Regional Admin – Jay Blaze
  • North West Regional Admin – Alan Tommo
  • Scotland Regional Admin – Chris MacKenzie
  • Welsh Regional Admin – Jamie Morgan

Source: United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs[1]

Social Media


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