Vanilla Kush

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Name: Vanilla Kush
Creator: Barney's Farm
Variety: Indica
THC: 20%+
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks

Vanilla Kush, also known as Buku, is an indica strain of cannabis created by Barney's Farm in Amsterdam. Bred from Afghan and Kashmir strains, this Kush has notes of vanilla, lavender, and a hint of citrus with a high THC content, often measuring over 20%, making it a potent choice that might be strong for new users. Plants flower in 8 weeks and produce large, soft flowers that are light green with hints of orange.[1]


In his review for High Times, Danny Danko wrote: "Vanilla Kush proves the adage that not all indica-dominant strains are created equal. It’s hard to nail down the intoxicating scent these buds exhibit upon grinding, which is both complex and varied: Vanilla and sandalwood compete with citrus and lavender as they dance upon the palate. The smoke is full-bodied and sensuous, with the strong medicinal properties associated with heavy-duty Kushes. The higher-than-usual CBD content will especially soothe certain symptoms, such as severe headaches or muscle spasms. When cultivated, Vanilla Kush boasts dark red hairs surrounding tight, frosty clusters. Even the fan leaves are crystal-coated almost out to the tips, and the buds fill out quite nicely. It’s a strain that’s also available these days in feminized form. Medicinal patients report immediate relief from smoking or vaporizing the Vanilla Kush – another sure-fire prizewinner from Barney’s Farm."[2]


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