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Volcano vaporizer

A vaporizer is a device used to vaporize the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends for the purpose of inhalation. However, they can be used with pure chemicals when mixed with plant material (e.g. tobacco-free nicotine). Vaporization is an alternative to smoking that avoids the inhalation of many irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products.[1]

A vaporizer heats cannabis to 185-210 celsius, which causes the active ingredients to evaporate into a gas without burning any plant material (the boiling point of THC is 157 C.[2] A lower proportion of carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals is released than by smoking, although this may vary depending on the design of the vaporizer and the temperature at which it is set. A MAPS-NORML study using a Volcano vaporizer reported 95% THC and no toxins delivered in the vapor.

There are many types of marijuana vaporizers that are being manufactured and created. The different types of vaporizers range from desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers to pen vaporizers. The portable vaporizers are becoming the most popular type of vaporizer to buy. Vaporizers has been growing quickly and has reached to a $3 billion industry and continues to grow. Herbal vaporizers are skyrocketing and sales are increasing greater than ever.

There are many vaporizers that you should avoid buying. You want to make sure you never purchase off of eBay or any third party vendors, as the vaporizers would most likely be fake. Steel, titanium, copper and aluminum are the most popular types of heating elements. Most manufacturers surround the metal with ceramic glass which ensures the safety of a carcinogen-free experience.

Convection vs. Conduction

Convection vaporizers are when air blows into a heating element which blows hot air on the herbal materials and forces pure vapor through a whip or balloon bag. This method of vaporization is becoming the most popular but is also the most expensive method of vaporization due to all the technology being used.

Conduction vaporization is when the herbs lay right on top of the heating element and vaporize your materials. This type of vaporization is prone to combustion which defeats the purpose of vaporizing. It is cheaper to buy and make these types of vaporizers due to the low quality of the parts being used.


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