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Name: Vortex
Creator: TGA Genetics
Variety: Hybrid
Lineage: Space Queen x Apollo 13
THC: 18.08%[1]
Flowering Time: 45–55 Days

Vortex is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis developed by TGA Genetics and described by Leafly to be "high in THC content whose potency will pull you into a whirling mass of euphoria like a cosmic riptide". Its parents are Space Queen and Apollo 13, hence the sweet and sour lemon aroma accented by notes of tropical mango. Its effects have been described as racy and energetic to heavy and disorienting.

The staggering THC content of Vortex has won this sativa several awards including High Times' Best Sativa in 2010 and the High Times "Top 10" in 2007.[2]

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